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About Us

Helping, Healing, Caring.

Sricure Herbs was formed in 2007 to establish new international standards for Ayurvedic training and practice. In recent years, Ayurvedic has gained widespread attention on a global basis. Its traditional medical treatments and deep-rooted philosophy of balancing the body and mind, achieving better health, and a state of self-confidence has inspired people from all walks of life from all over the world.
Sricure Herbs is performing a role of the best Third-party Ayurveda manufacturing company for decades. We are engaged in holistic science and believe that traditional medicinal therapies are beneficial to the medical community. We specialize in sterile dosage form and offer a full range of organic (FSSAI-certified) remedies to cure diseases from head to toe. Sericure Herbs formulations comprise standardized solutions of herbs that have a long history of use and are generally recognized as safe and effective, also proven by modern scientific research and clinical trials. Our Sterile Eye drops range is based on traditional values, ancient Ayurvedic principles, and holistic living.

Our Herbal Eye Drops are an effective collaboration of nature and science. Our Manufacturing unit is established in Panchkula (Haryana), India. We formulate 600,000 eye drops every month in our state-of-the-art sterile section that is well-equipped certified unit. We are major exporter of Herbal Eye Drops in India and provide our products to all prominent herbal eye drop brands in India and overseas.

Company’s History

It was the Year 2007; when Sricure Herbs Pvt. Ltd. entered into the field of manufacturing & exporting Pharmaceuticals, AYURVEDIC, and Cosmetic Products to cure several health ailments with the power of herbs and Ayurveda. We diagnosed fatal diseases with Ayurvedic treatments, giving vision to individuals from all over the world. We understand that QUALITY is a must for business success and a key to productivity and competitiveness. With this in mind, we’ve begun producing herbal remedies that are certified by the AYUSH Premium Mark, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, and WHO-GMP.
“Mr. Sanjeev Talwar, the founder of Sricure Herbs, is a passionate human being who has guided our company to remarkable success in the industry. With a strong emphasis on nature-based products and a quality-conscious mind, he systematically directs his team’s skills into developing and formulating Ayurvedic Products. He has a highly optimistic personality and is professional with excellent knowledge. His strong leadership and quality-driven approach inspire us to offer the best product selection for our customers.

Why Sricure Herbs Pvt. Ltd?

Sricure Herbs is a notable Herbal Eye Drop brand in India and plays a significant role in the Ayurveda Third-Party Manufacturing in India. It is one of the most important Ayurvedic product manufacturing companies in India, with export capabilities.


Quality is a way of life in Sricure Herbs. We have high emphasized on quality, various quality circles, and unique project teams working on Total Quality Management projects. To ensure quality, we provide comprehensive technical documentation. We adhere to stringent regulatory compliance and incorporate best practices. All of our products go through clinical testing and trials to verify that our consumers only experience safe, pure, and highly effective medications. This allows us to make herbal/Ayurvedic sterile remedies with consistent batch-to-batch uniformity.

Research and Development

We have an in-house R&D manufacturing facility where we perform all types of production process operations. Our strong R&D helps us make a difference in technology and the development of high-quality products in large quantities. All of the company's activities are driven by innovation, which is embedded in the company's culture. We have developed the use of various current approaches and applied novel ideas in several of our research projects in order to deliver the best possible service to our consumers.


Our ultramodern, state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 & GMP certified manufacturing plant, coupled with our strong expertise in medical product safety testing and stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process has enabled us to ensure premium product quality and safety. Our Sterile Ayurvedic Eye Drops are in high demand all around the world. We use advanced equipment required for the manufacturing of sterile eye drops and component steam sterilizers, membrane filter machines, manufacturing vessels, blenders, liquid filling machines.

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