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Ayurvedic kidney stone remover manufacturers in India

Remove Kidney Stones Without Any Side-Effects

Our ancestors lived by the rule that ‘food is medicine, but now we live in an age where ‘medicine has become food’ for us. Our unhealthy food habits provide no nutrition for our body except fat and cholesterol. Though everybody seems to be in a rush, there is no time to take care of themselves and do some physical activity to keep themselves fit. This causes many diseases in our body like stress, depression, hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, and more. As a treatment, we take western medicines, which cause side effects.

Ayurvedic formulations were developed thousands of years ago and have proved effective even by modern science. They are pure and devoid of side effects because they treat the cause, not the symptoms.

Kidney Stone Formation

Kidney stone formation is one of the common conditions found both in men and women today. It is caused due to our eating habits, like eating foods high in sugar or salt, oily foods that cause gastric problems, and drinking too little water (people forget to take a sip of water between their work). Kidney stones are calcium oxalate, phosphate, Uric acid, and Strutted. It causes severe pain in the abdomen.

Listed below are some of the treatments for kidney stones and their disadvantages. Read them carefully, and you will understand how practical and effective an ayurvedic kidney stone remover by Sricure herbs can be.

Allopathy treatments

Medical Expulsive Therapy

With the help of medications, stones less than 10mm can be made to pass the urinal tract automatically. This is called Medical Expulsive Therapy. Medicine is passed through IV, and the stone is washed off into the urinal tract.

The passing of the stone via the urinal tract can be very painful, and there are possibilities of side effects due to the drugs.

Shock wave therapy

Shock waves are passed through the body to dissolve the stone. Stones lesser in size and present in outer areas of the renal system can be effectively treated.

If you are obese, treatment may not be as effective as the shock waves cannot penetrate far into the tissues—the possibility of fragments of stones staying behind and causing obstruction in the future.


Intrusive surgery to remove the stones manually. The success rate is not 100% and can be dangerous. There is also the problem of post-operative care.

Ayurvedic Kidney Remover

  • Sricure is one of the renowned Ayurvedic kidney stone remover manufacturers in India
  • They are recognized as genuine drug manufacturers in many parts of the world and are a trusted brand.
  • Their formulations are very efficient and have been GMP certified.
  • They collect ingredients from organic resources that are highly potent, and the manufacturing process is advanced, ensuring that the maximum potency of the herbs stays intact throughout.
  • The prescribed usage of the drug dissolves the kidney stone and improves the kidney’s health so that the problem doesn’t occur again. Also, there are no side effects.


Modern technology has caused enough damage to our bodies and has caused many problems. To reduce the effect of these diseases, it is better to go the traditional way and choose ayurvedic drugs instead of western medicine to get the best results and stay healthy for longer. Small steps like drinking water regularly could help you stay healthy always.

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