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Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Remover

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Top Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Remover Manufacturer In India

Life has become hectic today in this fast-paced modern society. Everybody is busy sustaining their lives and securing their future but ignoring their health. People are leaning toward an unhealthy lifestyle, consuming fast food, smoking, and drinking. Moreover, they are eliminating exercises, yoga, and other physical workouts completely. Thus, people all over the world are suffering from diseases such as excess body weight, diabetes, high cholesterol level, hypertension, thyroid, etc. Kidney stone is becoming a common concern for a lot of the population today. All these diseases are a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical health. People must realize the importance of a healthy body. Only then they can incorporate healthy food and regular exercise into their schedule. But by the time, people realize, the damage gets already done, and to counter the problem several manufacturers are developing medicines that can be used to treat such diseases.

Sricure Herbs is a leading Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Remover Manufacturer In India. The company is utilizing the power of Ayurveda to cure kidney stone issues. We understand the pain that kidney stones cause, it’s unbearable and to serve society our team has developed amazing solutions after thoroughly studying the Ayurveda to cure the pain and remove the kidney stones without any side effects. All our medicines are developed using natural herbs and premium quality raw materials to maximize the benefits. In addition to all, all our products are compliant with international quality standards. Our products possess stone-breaking and dissolving properties with the magic of Ayurveda. Serving in the industry since 2005, we are the most trusted brand for Ayurvedic kidney stone remover medicines. We are also a Third-party kidney stone manufacturer in India, efficiently fulfilling the demands of several pharma companies and helping them grow their business.

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones can be defined as hard deposits that are made up of minerals and salts that get formed inside the kidneys. In medical terms, kidney stones are also called renal calculi, nephrolithiasis, or urolithiasis. Kidney stones generally don’t show any symptoms until it moves around in your kidney or gets passed to the uterus (it refers to a tube that connects the kidneys to the bladder). Pain caused by kidney stones can be severe and sharp along with a burning sensation while urinating.

What are the types of kidney stones and their causes?

There are 4 types of kidney stones. The names of these are mentioned below:
1. Calcium oxalate stones
2. Uric acid stones
3. Struvite stones
4. Cystic stones

The causes of kidney stones are many. Some of these include the following:
● Genetic problems
● Dehydration due to low intake of drinking water
● Consumption of high protein, sodium, or sugar
● Excess weight or obesity
● Digestive diseases and surgery
● Certain medications and supplements

Why Sricure Herbs is the best Ayurvedic kidney stone remover manufacturer?

Sricure Herbs is the fastest-growing Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Remover Manufacturer In India with a renowned team of professionals who have dedicated years of their lives studying and practicing Ayurveda for the treatment of chronic diseases.
● Our complete ayurvedic range is manufactured based on the actual clinical trials and results conducted by our highly qualified team of Ayurveda doctors on a sample population of thousand of patients.
● The kidney stone remover medicines and other ayurvedic medicines are developed using the herbs and best quality raw material. Moreover, we only use the standard dosage of products as prescribed in the Ayurveda texts so as to maintain the efficiency of the herbal medicines.
● Our manufacturing unit is fully equipped with advanced technology and we follow WHO and GMP guidelines to match the global manufacturing standards.
● Our herbal medicines are highly effective, result-oriented, and cause no side effects. Furthermore, we have made available our medicines at a very affordable cost so that everybody can benefit from them.
● To maintain the efficacy of our ayurvedic medicines, we carefully pack them in high-grade packaging material that withstands the shocks and does not break but dissolves quickly during inhalation.
● As an Ayurvedic kidney stone remover manufacturer, we ensure that our medicines are effective in improving and maintaining kidney health. Our herbal kidney stone remover medicine when consumed regularly or as prescribed, breaks and dissolves all types of kidney stones. Moreover, unlike other medicines, our herbal medicine prevents the further formation of kidney stones. They are also helpful in releasing the pain and preventing the burning sensation as they have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action. Moreover, it prevents cell membrane integrity, improves antioxidants in the rental tissues, and helps in preventing the recurrence of kidney stones.

International projects of Sricure Herbs

Due to highly effective ayurvedic products and amazing services, Sricure Herbs is appreciated by people all over the world. People are getting benefitted from our ayurvedic range and treating their diseases with the power of Ayurveda. Not only in India, but foreign countries are also exploring the ayurvedic solutions to their problems because they have realized that it is only ayurvedic products that can permanently treat their diseases and help them lead a healthy life. So far, being a prominent Ayurvedic kidney stone remover manufacturer, we have worked with clients from countries all over the world. Our global clients are from the following countries:
● The united states of America
● The united kingdom
● Canada
● Algeria
● Lebanon
● Yemen
● Africa
● Uzbekistan
● Cambodia
● Thailand
● Australia
● Russia
We have worked with small enterprises to medium scale and large scale pharma companies. Some of the reputed clients are mentioned below that we served with complete honestly and efficiency;
● Greencure
● Jiva Ayurveda
● Raymed
● Marinas
● Impact
● Anexas
● Curosis Healthcare
● Total eye

Our certifications

Sricure Herbs is a top Herbal Kidney stone manufacturer in India. We provide high-quality ayurvedic products all over the globe. Due to our rich expertise and experience in the field, we have earned certain certifications that prove our reliability and credibility. These are listed below:
● ISO 22000:2005- We are an ISO-certified firm.
● AYUSH- Sricure Herbs has a range of ayurvedic products that are approved by AYUSH.
● GMP- GMP Certifications prove that we adhere to the industrial standards of
manufacturing and that our products are high in quality.
● FDA- All our products are approved by FDA.
● HALAL- We also have a HALAL certification.

Why choose Sricure Herbs for Third-party manufacturing?

Sricure Herbs is working towards making the world a better and healthier place to live in by utilizing its resources to their maximum potential. We own a high-tech manufacturing unit that is capable of huge production. Therefore, we are a renowned Third-party kidney stone manufacturer in India. Our national and international clients trust us for quality products, ethical business practices, and our commitment.

What is Third-party manufacturing?

Third-party manufacturing is a process in which a third-party manufacturer manufactures products for a pharma company under the pharma company’s brand name and in return charges a certain amount for manufacturing. In simpler terms, it is basically outsourcing of manufacturing of pharma products.
It is a very beneficial process because the third-party manufacturer is specialized in the manufacturing process, so when choosing a third-party manufacturer for your products, you are assured to get the benefit of quality, expertise, and experience. Moreover, you are saved from investing heavily in manufacturing unit. Thus, it is a very cost-effective method to get your products manufactured as your time, energy, and resources are saved or can be utilized in a better place.

The benefits of choosing Sricure Herbs for third-Party manufacturing are mentioned below:

1. High production scale
Sricure Herbs is not only an Ayurvedic kidney stone remover manufacturer but it also manufactures other Ayurvedic products. We have a huge production capacity to meet even the bulk orders of our clients. We opt for cost-effective production methods and therefore, low-cost high volumes are passed on to our clients.

2. Tech-savvy company
We are a tech-savvy company, we own a high-class manufacturing unit that is fully equipped with high-efficiency production machinery. We continuously thrive to upgrade the technology and machines to bring out a positive change that benefits both clients and customers.

3. Premium quality products
We offer premium quality products to our clients that they can trust. We make sure that the composition of our herbal products is as correct as prescribed by our clients. All our products are high in quality and accurate in compositions. We are appreciated for our quality ayurvedic products in the national and international pharma market. In addition to this, our team is regularly researching and developing innovative and effective formulations.

4. Quality standard and management
Sricure Herbs have an impressive track record of delivering quality-oriented products. We focus on ensuring that maximum quality is provided to the clients. Our firm meets all the quality demands of our clients because we have a quality assurance team that checks and tests the quality of the products during all the processes in the manufacturing unit. Furthermore, we have become a renowned Herbal Kidney stone manufacturer in India with the vital role played by our management too, which stick to a customer-centric approach and delivers the best in the market.

5. Cost-effective
Sricure Herbs offer third-party manufacturing at very reasonable prices because we produce ayurvedic drugs in bulk and for many customers. So, we use the principle of economy of scalability and pass on the benefit to our customers. Moreover, our manufacturing unit adheres to the strict quality standards of WHO and GMP, therefore, you can save your time, efforts, and money by getting your products manufactured at our manufacturing unit.

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